All Year Long Apple Pie Spice

This spice is so good it should be enjoyed year-round  Try some of the ideas below to keep the best season of the year in your heart ALL YEAR LONG.

Cinnamon Replacement. Recipes often call for cinnamon. Raise the bar and grab this blend instead.

Oatmeal. Add a new dimension to your oatmeal by sprinkling it with All Year Long Apple Pie Spice.

Spiced Nuts.

Make a simple meringue with the recipe below.

  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar,
  • 1 teaspoon of All Year Long Apple Pie Spice

Whisk ingredients together until soft peaks are formed.

Fold in 1lb of your favourite mixed nuts and roast in a moderate oven on a sheet of parchment for 15 mins or until lightly golden.

Cool slightly then separate the nuts and place back in the oven for a further 5 mins. The nuts should feel dry not sticky.

Store in an air tight container

Mulled wine. Add a teaspoon to your favourite mulled wine recipe and 

Rice Krispie Treats. Add a little to your Rice Krispie Treats and you instantly have a fall dessert the kids will love.

Smoothies. I like to make a vanilla protein smoothie with a drop of vanilla and a  little Apple Pie Spice. 

Whipped Cream. Add a sprinkle to freshly whipped cream, and top off your favourite fall pie.

Popcorn. Sprinkle a little on freshly popped and buttered popcorn, it makes a great snack.

Drink Rimmer. Mix a little brown sugar with Apple Pie Spice and rim your next Apple Pie on the Rocks cocktail. Works great on a spiced rum and hot apple cider too.

Aromatherapy. Before company comes over, boil some Apple Pie Spice on the stove with a little water and fill the whole room with fragrance!


Coffee Chili Cocoa Rub

This bold South American inspired spice blend is fantastic as a marinade or a dry rub on all your favourite meats.

As a marinade, mix the spice mix with a little light olive oil and soak the meat overnight so the spice mix penetrates into the meat.

As a dry rub take your favourite steak (mine is a AAA centre cut sirloin) pat the meat dry and in a bowl sprinkle about 1 tsp of spice mix over each steak, then give them a good rub. If you are using straight away, prepare your grill to high heat and cook quickly on both sides for about 3 minutes. Before serving allow the meat to rest for approximately the same time it was cooked for, this allows the meat to re absorb the juices and will make for a much more tender end result.

You can also use it in your favourite casserole recipes, to enhance your burgers and in any meat based dish to give it a unique bold flavour.


Gulf Island Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Season your favourite chicken wings or pan fry some prawns coated in this blend, add a knob of butter and a squeeze of lemon juice to create the perfect appetizer.

Rub Gulf Island Lemon Pepper on a whole chicken, add a bunch on fresh thyme, slices of fresh lemon, a big hunk of butter and a splash of olive oil. slow roast and baste frequently for a delicious roast chicken.

Spice up your roast potatoes or season up a lamb stew to give a little Greek influence.

Also try it on the rim of a glass for a classic Caesar cocktail or sprinkle on croutons in your caesar salad for a new flavour dimension.


Island Spice Blend

Use it as a seasoning, marinade, finishing spice (it's the secret to our Woodfire fries) or add it to a mayonaise to create a tasty dip for your chicken wings.

This is an everyday all purpose spice blend.


Pacific Cioppino Spice Blend

Cioppino Recipe

Makes 4 portions


25g Butter

splash of olive oil

1 tsp chopped garlic

1 roughly chopped onion

1 peeled & roughly chopped carrot

4 roughly chopped stalks of celery

25g All Purpose flour

25g Cioppino Spice Mix

1 tbsp tomato paste

slash of dry white wine

1 can of good quality chopped Italian plum tomatoes

1lt of water



In a heavy bottomed pot, over medium heat, melt the butter with the olive oil.

Add the garlic and lightly fry for a couple of minutes

Add all the raw vegetables and cook on a medium heat until they start to soften.

Mix the flour and spice mix together and stir into the vegetables. Stir continuously for several minutes until all the oils have been absorbed and the spice mix coats all the vegetables.

Add in the tomato paste and continue to stir for a further couple of minutes

Add the white wine, tomatoes & water, stirring with a wooden spoon to lift up any residue on the base of the pot.

Reduce the heat and continue to cook for 30 to 45 minutes.

At this point you have a choice to make, whether you leave your broth chunky or blend it. I prefer to blend & strain the broth to give a more refined finish but rustic is good too.

NOTE: the cioppino may be covered & refrigerated for up to 2 days before using.  To use broth that has been refrigerated, reheat to boiling and then reduce heat to low until broth is simmering gently.


So now for the main part of the dish, the seafood. It is entirely up to you on the amount and type of seafood you want to add to the broth, but fresh, local and seasonal is your best bet.


Manilla Clams in shell

Vancouver Island Mussels

Raw extra-large shrimp, peeled and deveined**


Fish fillets (halibut, cod, or salmon), cut into bite-size chunks

Dungeness crab meat



Scrub clams and mussels with a small stiff brush under cold running water. Remove beards from mussels.  Discard any open clams or mussels. 

Gently stir in the clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops, fish fillets, and crab meat to the prepared stock.  Cover and simmer 5 to 7 minutes until clams & mussels pop open and shrimp are opaque when cut.  NOTE: Do not overcook the seafood (the seafood continues to cook after it is removed from the pan).  Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Remove from heat and ladle broth and seafood into large soup bowls and serve with freshly baked focaccia bread. Enjoy.


West Coast Searing Spice

Celebrate the best the West Coast has to offer with this Asian influenced spice blend.

Ideal on salmon, scallops, tuna, prawns, cod and snapper fresh from our shores.

Use as little or as much as you prefer to enhance the delicate flavour of some of the best seafood in the world. 

Rain Coast Wild Mushroom Spice

The intense flavour from the wild mushrooms & smoked salt combined with a variety of herbs & spices, will add a new taste sensation to any dish.

Use it to flavour soups, gravies, sauces & casseroles and taste the wow factor of this bold spice blend.


Salish Sea Salmon Spice

Salish Sea Salmon Spice combines sweet, smokey & salty flavours with a wonderful Asian twist.

The unique blend is ideal as a marinade on fresh salmon, as a seasoning when smoking fish or to elevate any seafood recipe.

Alder Smoked Salt

Our Alder Smoked Salt is hand smoked over real Alderwood to give it a truly natural smoky flavour.

Rub into your favourite meats before grilling, use as a finishing salt or add a sprinkle to any recipe to give that extra flavour dimension

Maple Sugar



Handmade in small batches from 100% Grade A pure maple syrup.

This sugar is a great healthy alternative to cane sugar and adds a wonderful flavour to all your baking.

Try it on porridge, on smoked ham, in stewed fruit and in your favourite coffee.